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tv   Martin O Malley Remarks on Countering Islamophobia  CSPAN  December 15, 2015 2:01am-2:37am EST

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responsible for combatting terrorist financing and he is the u.s. government's chief enforcer of our financial sanctions against countries like iran, syria and sudan. it is absolutely critical position and one that plays a key role in disrupting isis finances. i think you have partly identified what we've already done there. mr. harrel can you explain some of the tools you have to disrupt the flow of money to isis? >> i think there are a am in of tools that the treasury department under the office of terrorism and financial crimes leadership has, including sanctioning money houses and banks that may deal with isis, with isis cash, including putting out, short of sanctions, putting out advisories to the financial sector about what typologies to look for, what risks to look for so there is
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greater information there, including engaging with iraq, turkey, with other governments in the region including their regulators to make sure that those regulators are taking the steps to keep that money out of their jurisdictions. >> thank you. despite the importance of attacking the financial foundation of isis, the republican leadership has been holding up adam zubin's n nomination for eight months. he is impeccably qualified for this position. even republicans don't contest that. he has worked at the treasury department for over a deckid under both democratic presidential candidate and republican administrations. mr. harrel, let's be brief because the chair has given us extra time. do you think the senate confirmation of mr. zubin would aid in the fight against isis. >> i do. i have had the privilege of working with adam zubin for a number of years when at the
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state department. he would be once confirmed an normsly effective leader. being confirmed in the job is different from serving in an active capacity. >> we need to aggressively target its use of the international financial system to sell oil and to move money around. congress doesn't look very serious about this threat when it indefinitely delays the confirmation of our top counter-terrorism financing official for months, for no legitimate reason. it is long past time to confirm adam zubin, to be undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes. thank you, madam chair. >> thank you, senator warren. with that, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the time that you have given us and all that you have shared. good and helpful information. appreciate it. we stand aryland
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when he visited a mosque today. this is martin o'malley. o'malley: -- >> we do have a very special guest with us today. [indiscernible] show some courtesy and help us to welcome governor martin o'malley. we are facing a very difficult time here. we have people who are attacking our community all of the time. we are divided -- delighted to
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welcome people who are coming in or her willing to show public support for community. endorse political parties or candidates or issues. however, we are delighted to welcome people who are coming out and are willing to show their support and are willing to talk about and ask us for our support. those were likely to come out when they are seeking our support and to talk with us and to hear us out and your concerns are those were likely to be listening to us even after they are elected. please keep that in mind. we will have an opportunity. there will be a press conference afterward. there will be an opportunity before that press conference to stop and say hello. i incurred all of you to come by and shake hands with the governor and say thank you for coming out. whether or not you choose to support him is your personal decision. we do not have anything to do with that. i can cut you this, as he said, the holocaust was because people were not paying attention to the civic process and were allowing evidence today control.
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we cannot do that as a community. it is my great pleasure. we are delighted, again, as a 501-c3. martin o'malley is running for the democratic nomination for the president. we are happy to have him. at the end of this, when he finishes speaking, [indiscernible] [applause] [greeting] gov. o'malley: it is wonderful to be with all of you. i enjoyed listening to your sermon. to all of the leadership here. thank you for alumni to be here with you today. my name is martin o'malley. and the former governor of maryland and i'm running for president of united eights. i'm seeking the democratic party's nomination.
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and i certainly would love to have your help. we have qualified to be on the ballot here in virginia. maybe some of you have signed my petition. my primary reason for being here today is that this moment in our country's history, i wanted to be here just to be present with you, and solidarity, in these challenging times. i have had a real blessing to be able to travel throughout our country. in fact, i just came back from a redeye from san francisco, i think i was, i think. what i find throughout our country is it is really deeply inspiring for all of our diversity as a people, many people of many different faith. we are nonetheless united by our belief in the dignity of every person. by our belief in the common good that we share in our own responsibility to protect and to advance the common good. and by our understanding that we are all in this together. fact share an
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solidarity as americans and as children of one god. wherese times, i suppose fear and division is in the air, it is easy for unscrupulous politicians or hate-preachers, no nation is a man from the hate-preachers, to turn his upon ourselves. that sort of language that you hear from donald trump is not the language of america. i know the linkage of america's future. i speak to our young people under 30 every single day and i rarely find among them any that feel like donald trump. [applause] throughout my service in maryland, we celebrated the fact that we were one of maryland. we would host an event every year in the governor's mansion. i know that my muslim neighbors make america strong. they are our doctors, our lawyers -- [applause] and so, i suppose
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that my message here today is not only one of solidarity, but also of encouragement. anduse, in order to rise you meet these challenges, we need each other. we need each other. we particularly need our american muslim neighbors. i know that there have been many acts of violence. i know that there are acts of ignorance that have been encouraged. by some in our political discourse. but the larger arc of our history, as i was listening -- there is a larger arc of love and generosity and risk act for one another. , and i know that our young people understand, that the tragic murders that took place in san bernardino does not define islam anymore than that horrible murder that took place in charleston defines christianity. [applause]
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together, we have what it takes as a people to rise to this challenge. and to rise to this occasion. every generation always faces challenges. we face challenges, too. the changing nature of conflict in the world. but the world has never needed america to act like america more than right now. to appreciate that we are all in this together. that each of us has a dignity and a freedom and a calling. and that each person is needed. and so, i say to you, here today, that together we shall overcome these challenges. [applause] gov. o'malley: thank you. thank you. thanks a lot. thank you, very, very much. >> the press conference will also be an opportunity to say a personal greeting and thank you to the governor. any of you who would like to
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attend that press conference, please do so in the area downstairs. we need the entrance as clear as possible. if you have to leave, please -- also, -- you'll have an opportunity to hear from him at the press conference, as well. thank you. [applause] gov. o'malley: thank you. thank you. were all in this together.
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gov. o'malley: thank you. and wonderful community. >> we appreciate you coming. gov. o'malley: thank you. gov. o'malley: thanks a lot. an honor to be with you. thank you a lot. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: thank you. i will make the offering and you decide. >> thank you so much. thank you, thanks a lot.
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will pray for each other. thank you. it is great being with you. an awesome community. good to meet you. thank you for having me. a great honor to be with you guys. thank you. good to be with you. >> thank you. [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: thanks very much for all of your comments. >> we will do it together. gov. o'malley: thank you, we shall. how are you? good to see you. congratulations, i am voting for you. gov. o'malley: good to meet you. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: thank you. it's a pleasure. >> pictures are great. thank you sir, good luck to you. gov. o'malley: things are having
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me. >> we want you back as the next president here. gov. o'malley: thank you. [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: thank you. we can stay in touch. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: i have some friends here. the best way is to sign up on the website. we will stay in touch with you as the campaign progresses. you can send a check, absolutely. i will need that. thank you, please, absolutely. what is your name? khaled. gov. o'malley: awesome.
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>> [indiscernible] we're all in this together. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: this is when we need to come together. i would be honored to have a picture with your father. thank you. a great honor to be here, thank you. how are you? thanks a lot. thank you, guys. thank you for having me. if you are the nominee, you will get my vote. gov. o'malley: thank you, thanks a lot. good being with you.
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hello. how are you? good to see you. >> thank you so much -- gov. o'malley: such a nice community. >> thank you. thank you so much. gov. o'malley: thank you. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: let me get in the middle, here. thank you. who has the camera? >> thank you very much. bless you. and your family. gov. o'malley: thank you.
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a wonderful day with you. thank you. sure, man. thank you. thank you very much. [indiscernible] thank you. gov. o'malley: this is quite a center. it is good to be here. >> thank you. gov. o'malley: thank you for your kindness. sure. thank you. it is great being with you. hang in there, now. we are all in this together. thank you. sure. turn it around, hold on. how to redo this? >> we are also very proud of the fact that we had a number of
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people in our own community who are members of the u.s. armed services and who have served their country in every way to defend their country. i am proud to ask another -- ran of the u.s. army to have him say a few words on behalf of all veterans, including myself who served honorably in the armed forces. [applause] my name is or she. i was born in michigan and spent much of my life in virginia. i'm currently a graduate student at georgetown university. i'm a proud muslim. and i'm a proud military veteran. [applause] >> i am listed in the army in 1999 at the age of 18 upon graduating high school. i served five years and was able to attain a ranking sergeant.
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i was serving in the third infantry division on 9/11. american muslims were also attacked on 9/11. after my military service i took part of the invasion in iraq and spent much of my time in baghdad and falluja. after he left the service, i spent a decade continue to serve our country abroad both in afghanistan, iraq, and elsewhere. i also work for the fbi in maintaining the national watchlist. muslim,r, a devout spent seven years as a translator and the u.s. embassy in iraq. safeguarding our troops and translating for generals. my brother is currently serving in the united states navy. now, we find that our faith in our commitment to this nation is being questioned. i feel that my family service to this country as well americans is being demeaned, unjustly. muslim americans are no different from any other american.
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they are your classmates, your soldiers, and your countrymen. standing together as we are today, christians, muslims, jews, and seeks, and others, and i hope and pray that we can fight intolerance with tolerance , division with dialogue, and fear with friendship. thank you. [applause] >> you will notice behind us that we have a selection of community leaders, people from other mosques throughout virginia. i think it shows that this is a good cross-section of what this muslim community really is in the united dates. we represent countries from malaysia to morocco and everything in between. many are americans, native americans, african americans, all others. we are americans like everyone else. jim to like to also ask say a few words very briefly. before we introduce our guests.
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[applause] thank you. what is happening today is not unusual. it is not an unusual occurrence in the history of our country. in times of great stress, in times of dislocation, we have always had voices of division and hates that come out to speak. you can never forget that. this is an american what is happening. unfortunate, it is very american. it happens all the time. but what also happens all of the time, is the voices that bring us together, voices of hope, voices that stress what better angels are saying to us come forward. withmessage always comes the message of division. [laughter] the point is, since i have
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met martin o'malley on the campaign trail, i have been witness to the fact that he has the voice that i think brings us together. a voice of america's future. i am proud to be here because i love this community in and i 's pain. also, because i love martin o'malley. the message that ultimately will triumph. thank you. [applause] >> for those of you who were not at the air service, i would like to reintroduce our religious direct her.
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he has really represented a america and the voice of american muslims. >> thank you. this means a lot to us. i would like to say to my fellow asricans, we have many times muslims seen the violence of terrorism. it is a cult. the value of what this religious service is all about. we were taught to love our neighbors. whoever takes one life has taken the life of all humanity. whoever saves one life has saved whole humanity.
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martin o'malley, i would like to thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you to all of the leaders at the adams center. thank you for your warmth and hospitality. it is a great privilege and blessing to be here. especially at this time in our country's history. i want to especially thank our veteran. thank you for what you said and what you have done for our country. [applause] said theld trump hateful things he did about wanting to seal off the borders and prevent our muslim american neighbors from traveling, i had to ask myself, will they began with the patriotic muslim americans serving in our armed forces around the world keeping
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us safe? the truth of the matter is this. i want to say a couple words about san bernardino and the tragic murders. now grievingo are and our country for that tragic loss of life. those attacksthat do not represent islam any more than those mass shootings that have happened in other places in the country represent christianity, anymore that violent extremism represents judaism. violent extremism is not with the muslim american people of our country are about. i know this because they are my neighbors. [applause] we have a challenge because democracies are most vulnerable after an attack. that is what democracies are
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vulnerable in turning upon themselves. if we get above the values -- give up the values, that is what gives us the freedom to worship, freedom to associate. if those are the first things we give up because of our reluctance to speak up and give voice to the truth, shame on us. donald trump and his sort of language is not what our country is about or where it is headed. enough for evil to succeed if the good men and women do not speak up. i wanted to be here today in solidarity. i have served just over the river from you and maryland for two terms. everybody always likes their neighboring governor better, right? [laughter] this region of the
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country our diversity is our strength because of the work i have done with our muslim american neighbors and maryland. feeding the hungry. today with me, feeding the hungry. clothing the naked. providing help to reinforce the fabric of who we are as a people. this is our challenge. this sort of scapegoating language, this fear-driven politics, has consequences. its consequences go far beyond the flash in the pn of the polling that some of the networks put up on the news. it has consequences for our families. it can make people more honorable in our own country. we have heard of mosques being attacked, people being harassed. the incident that took place i think in philadelphia. this is the time when we need to from many strong
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cultures comes one strong country. that truth is needed today. we are a great people. [applause] values are not the values of violent extremist nor are they the values of hate preachers like donald trump. our values are those of generosity, compassion, mercy. doing justice. walking humbly with god. [applause] and daughters of abraham. unitess far more that us. at this moment of challenge, we must remember we are one people. cause is one.our wehave to help each other if are going to succeed.
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those words of frederick douglass still ring true today, don't they? i want to thank you very much for what you are doing in defense of our country, in defense of american values, in defense of those human universal values that all of us share. i thank you for coming out this afternoon. thank you very, very much. thank you. thank you. >> the governor will take some questions. >> sure. >> governor, this all began because of the events in san bernardino. what have you done to pray with or reach out to those are? : i have notalley gone to san bernardino since that happened. that i can tell you this, a former have as governor and as a former mayor, i have often been at the sites
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of mass shootings. sadly and tragically and our country, there are far too many mass shootings that happened on a real or bases. to the mother or the father that -- to carry a child caught who has to bury a child, the motive of the one who pulled the trigger has nothing to do with changing the unfathomable laws. my heart goes all to all of mass affected by the shootings in our country. we have a terrible problem, it is the scourge of guns and gun violence. we bury more people because of gun violence they and any other developed nation on the planet. we have to do better. there are common sense things we have to be doing to keep guns out of the hands of violent extremist of all stripes. perhaps the tragedy in san bernardino is a good opportunity
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for us to shake ourselves out of the indifference that sometimes attended the other 350 mass shootings that happened this year. maybe we can ask ourselves, are there not to actions we can take that her life-giving instead of shrugging our shoulders and saying there's nothing we can do about it. thank you. thank you. we are proud to welcome politicians over the last decade. we have had politicians from every state and national office here with us. we do not introduce -- and doors any candidates. we are a 501 c-three. we're glad to welcome up martin o'malley and he had one of the most inspirational speeches we have ever heard. thank you so much for reading here. [applause]
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hethe members of the press, talked about governors across the river. coming governor will be at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon in fairfax. we would be happy to cover that was local news as well. governor, thank you very much and best of luck to you. [applause] >> we are in this together. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> you were great. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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>> thank you, take care. >> thank you. >> god bless you. >> thank you, what is your name? >> absolutely. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. lot.s a we'll see you, thanks a lot. >> hope you enjoyed the break.
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my wife loves you. >> thank you. thanks a lot. >> thank you. murmuring]


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